Jonathan Hilton, named a National Chess Champion and expert Stratego player, invites you to….

Learn Beginner to Advanced Stratego Strategy

   This is a full course and system that designed to teach you everything you need to know to be a tournament ready competitor.

The main course …..

  • Immediately use setups that have been tested by top players
  • How top players design their setups and why they put pieces where they do
  • How to make your pieces work together
  • The roles and objectives of each piece. What you need to know to use each piece to it’s maximum potential.
  • A complete system that will never leave you wandering what the next best move is


What you will learn

  • Learn piece setups that I use to beat top ranked players. (Included are thorough explanation on how to use them.)
  • Learn how to lotto super effectively.
  • 160 pages of strategies on every topic you’d need to know
  • Let me show you my mistakes so you can learn from them.
  • Learn “systematic play.” (An entire system for thinking and winning.)

What is inside

  • Picture diagrams
  • How I trained to improve my rating to 600.
  • Pre-made piece setups experts use
  • Maneuvers and tricks to outsmart your opponent
  • Psychological tricks from a Chess NM Jonathan Hilton


The only guide you will ever need:$13.99

Stratego Strategy E-Book

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Is our book really worth $13.99? Yes we will explain why.

  • To create all of this content took Jonathan and I well over 5 months.
  • Jonathan and I have both spent countless hours playing the game. Learn what took us hundred of hours in days.
  • Jonathan is an acclaimed writer with experience writing books about board games

Here are three of Jonathan’s published titles.

wojosvolume2 wojosweapons wojosvolume3


Stratego Strategy E-Book


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