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Penetrating Enemy Lines (Part 3)

Part 3

We jump right in where we left off. If you need a quick refresher click here.

A pacing move. Red is using zugzwang techniques to force Blue back! Here, 9. . . . Major* c8-d8 would be met easily by 10. General* b7-c7, pushing back Blue’s Major and coming close to trapping it in the middle of the board. Moving any unmoved piece would reveal information about Blue’s bombs and flag, so Blue continues shuffling, albeit with limited space in which to do so.

                   9. . . .Major* g9-g10
10. Colonel* f8-f9                  Major* g10-h10



Another key moment. Red has succeeded in sidelining Blue’s Major on h10. However, to pursue the Major further with 10. Colonel* f9-g9 would be to allow 10. . . . (?) d9-e9, aiming for a possible assault on the Red flag. Red, however, has an easy solution. He now brings his Captain back to the center, preparing to use it to guard against Blue’s march down the e-file.

                   11. Captain* a7-a6!               Major* h10-g10
                   12. Captain* a6-a5                Major* g10-h10
                   13. Captain* a5-a4                Major* h10-h9
                   14. Captain* a4-b4                Major* h9-h10
                   15. Captain* b4-c4                Major* h10-h9
                   16. Captain* c4-d4                Major* h9-10


Stratego Diagram 4

Red has now guarded against the possibility of Blue running a minor piece down the e-file and taking out Red’s flag. So, Red is ready to continue trapping the Blue Major on h10.

                   17. General* b7-c7                Major* c8-b8

Of course, if 17. . . . Major* c8-d8?, Red could simply play 18. Colonel* f9-f8 Major* h10-g10 19. Colonel* f8-e8 Major* g10-g9 20. Colonel* e8xd8 Major* g9-g8 21. Colonel* d8-e8 and Blue fails to break through to the other side down the Center.

                   18. Colonel* f9-g9

Stratego Diagram 5

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