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Penetrating Enemy Lines (Part 2)

Part 2

We will begin right where we left off. If you have to revert back to Part 1 to remind yourself where you are at.

Stratego Diagram

From here, Red continued to drive his Captain into the a7 square:

                      2. Captain* b3-b4                  Major* h9-h8
                      3. Captain* b4-b5                  Major* h8-h9
                      4. Captain* b5-b6                  Major* h9-h8
                      5. Captain* b6-a6                  Major* h8-g8

Of course, Blue was limited in his pacing by the Three Moves on Two Squares Rule.

                      6. Captain* a6-a7                  Major* g8-h8

Stratego Diagram

Now, Red has achieved the first stage of his penetration. The second step is to remove the Blue Major from the c-file and push it to the d-file, giving the Red Captain on a7 some breathing room.

                      7. Colonel* e7-e8                   Major* h8-g8



                      8. Colonel* e8-f8!

Of course, trapping the Blue Major on c8 immediately with 8. Colonel* e8-d8?? would be a blunder because of 8. . . . Major* g7-f7, when nothing can stop the Blue Major from marching down the board and attacking Red’s flag. The text move seems most precise to us because of the following reasoning. Now that Red’s Captain controls traffic flow along the Left Flank, the Red General is now free to chase the Blue Major at c8, holding it at bay. Now, Red will be able to trap the Blue Major on g8 with Colonels without having to worry about a march on his own flag.

                      8. . . .  Major* g8-g9

Blue attempts to keep his General towards the Center.

                      9. Miner* d2-d3!


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